Inventory Update

While we ask departments to update the inventory on an annual basis, we also accept rolling submissions.

These submissions come most often through the publishing intake form.

On this form, the publisher can either:

  • select Dataset not in inventory as an option

  • change any prefilled information from the inventoried record

Certain fields in the publishing submission are automatically synced to the dataset inventory, which is a table in an Airtable Base. An automated email, triggered by a Zapier task, is sent to DataSF staff so they can review the submission in the inventory.

In the case of a new record, staff assign a unique inventory ID which is used to tie all collateral together throughout the publishing.

Inventory updates are made in our master dataset and systems inventory and the data are synced to the open data portal as two separate datasets.

Both inventories are available as datasets on the portal, this pictures the dataset inventory