Overview of the data publishing process


This document will give an overview of San Francisco's data publishing process; the steps you need to take to get your department's data published on the Open Data Portal. Not every step will be required for every dataset but in general, these are the steps you will take.
This group of steps will get your dataset ready to be published. By completing them you will:
  • Kick Off the process with DataSF
  • Update the data Inventory and create Breadcrumbs
  • Assess any privacy risks
  • Assess any security risks
  • Review your final data specification
This step will move the data from your departments database to the open data portal - there are many ways to do this, but at a high level they can be broken down to manually updating your dataset or setting up an automated process.
This step is all about helping people understand your data and get the most out of it. We have written standard to help you do just this.
You've done the hard work, this is the final review before releasing your data to the public.
For any additional questions, please reach out to:
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