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Breadcrumbs and Inventory

The steps on this page will be performed by DataSF. We're including it here for the sake of transparency but feel free to skip!
In order to track a dataset through the publishing steps, DataSF has a system called "breadcrumbs" which are included on all workflows. These breadcrumbs are included on teams conversations and our Asana publishing tracker
  • Socrata Dataset: TBC (May end up being a list of related datasets)
  • Teams Conversation: Use to add the thread link
  • Asana Ticket: Use to create the ticket link
  • Airtable Inventory: Find or create an Airtable link immediately. If we end up publishing multiple datasets related to the topic this can become a list.
  • FME Workspace: TBC
  • dbt Model: NA
  • Pull Request: NA
  • Source Data: NA
  • Other Links: NA


DataSF currently uses an Airtable base to keep track of all datasets which are candidates for publishing -- whether they are publicly available or not. This system allows us to tie datasets to their data system and track their priority and value.
DataSF will either create a new entry or update an existing one when kicking off the data publishing process.