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Analyst checklist

Before building a dashboard, align on your goals and audience for your publication. Consider:
  • Why are you publishing this dashboard? ​What is your goal - what is the tangible change in the world you expect after publishing?​
  • Who will use it?​ What will they do with the information?​ Have you engaged them to verify this is a use-case?​ Is publishing a dashboard the best way to get to your results, or would other engagement (presentations, relationship building) be better?
Confirm your use case is best suited for a public dashboard. Then proceed:
  1. 1.
    ​Set-up ​
    • Download the template
    • Import data and connect to data table (ideally a public data table on the City’s Open Data Portal)
    • Data cleaning and transformation
  2. 2.
    • Build within the template: Replace values in charts and tables. Update titles.
    • You can also add a new tab: Re-size to 700 width. Then add visuals.
    • Turn off all interactions.
  3. 3.
    • Update all alt-text
    • Confirm tab order
  4. 4.
    • Duplicate tab
    • Resize visuals and re-size page
    • Order visuals in tab order, confirm filters appear before the visuals that they filter
  5. 5.
    • Remove spacers, delete all mock data tables, apply changes, and verify nothing is broken.
    • Delete all other tabs. Name the final two "desktop” and “mobile”
    • Complete developer checklist
    • Verify alt text and tab order is correct
  6. 6.