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Publishing Power BI dashboards to

Specific instructions for Power BI users embedding dashboards on

For, size your dashboards to fit properly on the webpage.

For both desktop and mobile, the width of the dashboard is set. The height may vary, but be sure to test your dashboard on the website.
  • Desktop: width must be 700, height 700-1100
  • Mobile - width must be 360, height 700-1200
  • The template has these sizes built in. While the width is set and must remain set (to fit the webpage), you may extend the length within reason (to 1100 for desktop, to 1200 for mobile).

Publish to a designated public workspace.

Publish your dashboard to the specific workspace that houses your public dashboards. Read more about this on DataSF's Power BI Publish to Web Tip Sheet.

Know your dashboard dimensions.

In order to embed on, you will need to know your dashboard size.
To re-size the page or confirm the dimensions, go to the report editor (where you’re designing your dashboard). Click outside the dashboard to make sure no visual is selected, then click the paint brush and the page size.
Screenshot of Power BI desktop showing how to change page size. Click outside dashboard to ensure no visuals are selected. Then click the visualizations formatting paint brush, go to page size, and change the numbers under width and height.
Test your final dashboard in the website with different screen sizes to ensure you can see each visual in its entirety on the screen.

Confirm page view is "fit to page".

Ensure that the page view on both tabs of your dashboard are the default “fit to page”.
Screenshot of Power BI desktop showing how to confirm page view. Go to the view tab (at the top) and then click page view and confirm "fit to page" is selected. Repeat for all tabs.

Get the embed codes.

You will also need to get your embed codes for both the desktop and mobile view.
Within Power BI Online, navigate to your dashboard. Then click File, Embed report, Publish to web (public).
If you do not see this option to embed the report or publish to web, review DataSF's Power BI Publish to Web Tip Sheet. Then contact your IT or administrator to request the necessary account permissions.
Screenshot of Power BI online showing an open report. Click file, embed report, and publish to web (public) to get embed codes.
You will need to copy the embed link for both your desktop view and your mobile view. Simply change the “default page” to get each link - and confirm the correct view is showing up in the preview window to the right!
Screenshot from Power BI online showing how to copy the embed code for each page. Change the default page selection to get each embed URL.
You will then enter the URLs and the dashboard dimensions into